The World of Urth - known to some as the Known Realms or Mystara

A Slight Detour

After awakening in the King Hob-Goblins sleeping chambers, the party had a sudden yearning to return to the hold and see the bard. However, just as they decided to set out, Frostbrand’s thirst for the blood of evil overpowered Mendek’s will. As he traipsed down to the dungeon, the rest of the party felt pity on his poor soul and followed after. They traveled directly toward the final dungeon. But when they reached the second octagon, two lava forms appeared. Finally, a chance to vanquish evil! Charging forward, the party was able to quickly vanquish these lesser demons.

The party descended deeper into the dungeon, they followed the stream to the second entrance where Belladona was able to sneak and discover two steam forms guarding the entrance. Mendek tried his best to sneak around the corner while Narcissa stood across the stream just in case. Then, Mendek and Frostbrand charged!… and they weren’t surprised… Oh well! Frostbrand make quick work of the first with a freezing death, and quickly dismissed the second. Finally, Frostbrand’s daily lust for battle was quenched, but not before encountering another lava form on the way out. Sadly, the battle was not as quick as before, allowing the lava form to summon two smoke forms which were more annoying than formidable.

After this battle, the party decided to inspect the rooms they did not remember exploring and discovered a secret door. Behind the door, they found three kobolds inside. But instead of attacking, they simply cowered in fear. The party stared at them, wondering what to do. Eventually, they decided to try and communicate. Sadly, language also failed them. Even worse, the party could do charades even more poorly than they could speak to kobolds! Finally, after drawing pictures in the ground the party agreed to escort the defenseless kobolds out of the dungeon.

Gladly, nothing attacked them after that! The party was able to make it back to town and meet the bard in the tavern.


The_SCE_DM MichaelLugo

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