The World of Urth - known to some as the Known Realms or Mystara

In Service to the Grand Duke

Oh, and those undead guys

Travel Down the River

Illusionist and Familiar try to swindle us

Make it to town

It’s a party.

Some jerks disrupt the party.

We are like, “So not cool dude”

Jerks are unsettled by my swagger.

Men of famous baron are like, “Why do this?”

I like, cause we in a city.

They like, cool.

We all head to court of Grand Duke.

Come back later. Okay.

We do business in town.

I report to Head of Church (he is a fan of me)

Lets me train there

Meet with Duke, he tells us to help with some ruffians in the distance [Sounds like a test.]

Ladies get invited to tea with the Duchess [sexist]

Belladona finds Rainbow Dude [or was it street?]

Wizards find out there is a wizards guild


we eventually get out to settling things with the ruffians

We head back to trail between a coastal cliff and a forest. We thought the bad guys were in the forest.

Belladona goes in with the ring of sneaking, Narcissa gets invisible and follows. The boys are left on the path.

They go a ways and see three ruffians sitting in what appears to be a scouting area. They come back and report.

Brilliant idea: Slydra poses as a travelling merchant and Mendek is his body protection. Start arguing about who was supposed to be able to navigate [it was supposed to be Slydra]. We yell, and sure enough someone we gain their attention. One of the ruffians goes to the a camp and invisibles follow. They come to a camp FILLED with ruffians. From rumors and listening to ruffians, get the vibe that crazy stuff has been happening and they are not fans.

Oh dear.

Mendek then plays it as if he was once a ruffian. Charisma don’t fail me now.

Slydra and Mendek make it to the trail again, and suddenly ruffians everywhere around us. We are like, “woah, we don’t wanna fight, we wanna help”

It works!

They are friendly and show us where crazy bloodsuckers are. Also tell us of some book that signalled things changing.

It’s getting late. Head to the village, everyone scared of something. Lots of garlic and avoiding the dark. [Sounds like a vampire to me] [Also sounds like the Baron over this village is a vampire]. Next day, talk to priest. Says it can’t be vampires: that’s crazy. However, if they are what he thinks they are, put some holy wafers in their mounts and stake em to their coffin.

Then refuses to sell us wafers. Mendek lies and we get wafers anyway.

Head to where the ruffians led us. None want to tag along. Over the coastal cliff is a path to a cave. Hear some wolves from the forest: surely nothing, right?

Enter cave. At first, a whole lot of nothing. Damp walls, rocks, more rocks. It is getting on in the day. Then near the evening, we enter a huge cave room.

And these freaking vulture giant demon things attack. Two of em. They can’t penetrate my armor easily, but they got this crazy telekenesis thing and throw belladona around. The wizards web and shoot and I try my best do defend (but they are like 2.5 times taller. whatever).

We finally kill one and it erupts in ichor. Then these two pale humanish thing start attacking! One flings spells and the other flings javelins. We shortly finish off the second one, and turn our attention to the humanish things, when some ruffians who haven’t turned to the light side fight us too!

Mendek, trying to be a human wall, closes the distance to the javalin thrower after dispatching a couple of the smaller ruffians. Then Wizards are flinging spells everywhere, and Belladona decides to go toe to toe with a better equipped ruffian.

Things then go south.

Right when I am gonna smack this woman with my mace, her voice gets all smooth and I don’t feel like it anymore. The pale wizard jumps out of range of the right, and the supreme ruffian gave Belladona some solid whacks.

Mendek doesn’t feel like fighting the pale female, but the ruffian was banging up his other friends (why can’t we all just get along?) Mendek puts the remaining ruffians down while magic missles pound into the female. She fizzles into smoke and wafts out of the room. The pale wizard escapes too, but the ruffians are gone.

At this point, we are all beaten up pretty bad.

Then we hear wolves (or at least something that sounds like wolves)

And… we panic a little. A lot. We panic alot. We all bolt out of what we expect to be the exit of the cave. I don’t feel like being a were-creature today. (or ever).

We come out of the caves onto the beach and run toward the big town. Then when we are almost back to the road, a thought occurs… what if they just summon more of those vulture things? And we can’t return as failures (we’re too good for that)

So we decide to spin it as a false retreat. We hike back to the cave. Sure enough, we don’t find anyone. We go back to the room where they fighting was. One, two, three… there are some bodies missing. This isn’t good.

We search the only room we haven’t been to. There is a large pile of rocks blocking the way, but there is a gap at the top. Only logical option? Mendek, stick your head in there.

Okay, sure.

And blamo. Pale wizard hits me in the face and I tumble down.

Slydra doesn’t skip a beat, jumps to the top, and fires a magic missle back. Pale wizard dissolves and goes to one of a pair of coffins.

We clear enough rubble to get in. We remove the coffin lids, and find our pale foes resting. We synchronize stakes, and stab them into the coffins. They wake up and his and then we drown them in holy wafers.

Swallow you creatures!

Then they dissolve. Detect Evil to look for book and see mondo evil underneath the rubble. Dig down and find a chest that Belladona unlocks.

On top is a book that is locked. It isn’t evil, so I give it to the mages, who think its a spellbook. The mondo evil is from a book, the Necromincon (or something like that). Stick it in the nasty sack. Also there is a lot of gold!

Go back to town as heros. Duke is pleased, and we get invited to back room. Learns that the giant attack from earlier is most concerning, and next we are supposed to investigate. Then we meet a team of dwarves that are giant fighters and our new companions.

Also, the church has assigned me a Paladin to show the ways of being great.

Also, Belladona stole a necklace from two people doing the horizontal tango.

Also, the wizards got the book open, and it was booby trapped with flames!… Did I mention Menzer was coming with us?

This should be fun.


The_SCE_DM MichaelLugo

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