The World of Urth - known to some as the Known Realms or Mystara

Into the Light

EDIT: I forgot when our party discovered the beholder who was under contract to attack anyone who tried to touch the treasures of the baddies (which we are pretty sure is the eye of Arik).

Losing hope, the adventurers explored the open cavern off of the second Octagon. While at the stream, they found that they could travel down the stream. So wet and miserable, they followed the stream until… they found a door with a sleeping guard! We sent our theif to quietly assasinate him: MISTAKE #1! She missed, thus waking the guard. But, a short battle later, he was dispatched without alerting our position. We decided to let Narcissa and Beladona scout ahead a bit. But while entering a cave, they found these strange glowing beings that popped up out of nowhere, and the longer they were there, the more that popped up. So, they returned to the party and we decided to go any way but that.

So, as they strolled down the hallway, they heard a commotion suggesting that the enemy knew where! As they turned a corner, they saw not 1, not 2, but over 6 steam elementals walking in their direction! So, as any fearless party would do, they turned tail and ran in the opposite direction! When they came upon a fork in the hallway, the party heard loud howling that encouraged the party to run down the hallway with no such howling. The passage led to a room with an open roof. Curious, but it was wonderful since it was real SUNLIGHT! But, no time to enjoy, because there was a hot pursuit! So they ran down the only new passage available. Huh… this passage is huge! But no time to admire, so they ran and ran until they came to a cave. And in the cave was an adult red dragon.

Nope. That wasn’t going to happen! Whilst paniking, they discovered one final passage to follow. It was too small for the dragon, so they ran and ran and finally discovered daylight. As soon as they escaped, the heard a roar and saw the dragon circling ahead with what appeared to be a rider! Scared witless, the party hid near the water in case any fire attacks launched. Thankfully, after minutes of flying, the dragon and its rider flew into the distance. The party lit the signal fire and the ferryman came and saved them!


The_SCE_DM MichaelLugo

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