The World of Urth - known to some as the Known Realms or Mystara

The Tales of the Party and the Bard

Now that they were back in town, the party decided to chat up the bard, Dimitri. After a relatively short conversation, it was evident that the Dimitri had dreamed of one day learning the secrets of such a legendary event as the monastery catastrophe. Thus, Dimitri joined the party and they decided to look for clues around the town. Dimitri wanted to speak to Alexi, so, he asked Mendek for some funds to “convince” Alexis’ keeper to let him speak. Slydra, not wanting to be outdone, joined in the charming. The sight of both of them putting on their slickest charm was no match for the sound of them serenading the poor townsfolk… but it work! Through Alexi’s ramblings, the party relearned of the three things to possibly Destroy the Eye of Arik: the Crystal Harp, the Sword of Arik, and the Breath of Arik’s Bane. Furthermore, when asked of Kathrandamus, Alexi warned not to trust him.

Through Dimitri’s bard abilities, he knew that the Crystal Harp was lost to time. He was also able to tell Mendek that his staff could turn into a snake!.. If only Mendek knew the command word. After more gallivanting around the bar and GIVING DRINKS AWAY AT THE PARTY’S EXPENSE (Mendek wasn’t bitter or anything), the party learned of a mysterious old man whom no one knew about… curious. Mendek, Narcissa, and Belladona returned to Lord Gramorn to ask if he knew anything and to update him. Gramorn was alarmed with the threat of dragons, and he also recollected a mysterious old man… curious. With no more information, the party rested and departed for the island.

Midway across the river, the party saw a mysterious old man at the place where they traditionally waited for the boat. As soon he acknowledged they could see him, he swiftly ascended up the hillside toward the monastery. The second the boat was to shore, the party followed in hot pursuit! Around every corner, they would catch a glimpse of the old man disappearing into the distance toward the monastery. As they entered the monastery (with an ever wider glow of evil), they saw the man enter the main temple, but when the entered as well, they saw no one. Still in bewilderment as to who this man was, he shows himself from behind a pillar.

Mendek asked who the man was, to which he replied that he had gone by many names for many years. But when Mendek asked what nicknames he might have had, Arik’s Bane was among the list, and he informed them that he had been summoned with the the statue and had been traveling to us since. He warned us that the final battle was nigh. If we ever needed him, we had only to put the statue together and he would come to our aid. Right before he left, he warned that were were in danger, but Narcissa was in the most danger. And with that, he gave her a wand. A wand of cold! And with that last ominous warning, he left the monastery.


The_SCE_DM MichaelLugo

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