The World of Urth - known to some as the Known Realms or Mystara

The Tides have Changed

After resting in the town and learning nothing new from the bard except some legend of a crystal harp, the party decided to go to the temple complex again. Looking at their map, they realized there was a mysterious gap of undiscovered space in the complex! After combing for secret doors, they found an entrance with a praying statue. Mendek, feeling like they needed all the help they could get to survive, decided to kneel in front of the statue in a similar pose. Suddenly, a wall shifted, revealing a sword. As Mendek reached for the sword, a voice emerged!

Yep. The sword was talking. He introduced himself as FrostBrand, whose sole duty was to fight chaotic evil. After explaining that Mendek was the only fighter in the party and also hated chaotic evil, FrostBrand allowed Mendek to wield him… but in actuality, it was FrostBrand who now wields Mendek, for his influence was greater than Mendek could control! But, that’s okay, because it’s a sweet sword!

So after finding nothing else of value, the party returned to the second level. Making care not to fall into the trap again, they discovered the rooms (and monsters), they missed before. Finally, they found a large set of double doors, which they could only assume was the lair of the hobgoblins they fought before. The party decided for a dynamic entry and busted through the doors! With magic flinging, arrows flying, and Mendek being controlled by FrostBrand, the onslaught was brutal and relatively quick! Here, they discovered how to activate and deactive the trap door and found more secret rooms and treasure!

But finding nothing else exciting, they went back to the dragon’s lair. Thankfully, the dragon was gone. Entering deeper, they returned to the cave with the popping monsters. It was bleak because the more the party fought, the more monsters that appeared to appear! But, eventually, the inflow of evil subsided and they defeated them all.

EDIT: I believe they decided to return to town, but not before insisting that MENDEK return and retrieve the magical daggers the rest of the party had forgotten to collect after the fight. Thanks guys.


The_SCE_DM MichaelLugo

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