The World of Urth - known to some as the Known Realms or Mystara

What's worse than an Octagon? TWO OCTAGONS

Faced with ANOTHER octagon, they party labeled the doors and chose one to explore. After a short walk, they encountered a cavern with a steam vent. Suddenly, they noticed a steam form arising from the vent! Unsure about how to handle these monsters, they tried to talk to it. No response… except the summoning of another steam form and a lava form. At this point, Belladona and the mages attacked from a distance and were able to dissipate one steam form. But the other two forms continued forward. Then out of thin air, boiling rain descended upon the entire party, doing massive damage! Both Gareth and Cullen were knocked unconscious and mages were feeling woozy. Realizing a retreat would not be easy, Mendek tried to attack and landed a blow. But then the steam enemy blew hot air and almost paralyzed him. But with the help of a magic missile, the second steam form fell. The only one left was the lava form. It, however, was busy MELTING Gareth and Cullen. Using this opportunity, the party ran away all the way back to the first octagon.

Fearing that an escape may have been missed around the first octagon, the remaining four members of the party attempted to defeat some of the creatures they encountered before. The first of which was the fisher. After being badly damaged from a magic missile, when Mendek was playing tug of war with the beast, he managed to cut its sticker. Afterwards, killing the beast was relatively easy. But still no exit.

In the guano room, they accidentally stumbled upon some paralyzing worm thing that paralyzed the two fighters, leaving the mages to finish the job, which they did. The party explored some guano, but when a circle of poop started to move, they decided to mosey along.

Next they looked in the spider cave. They killed the spiders, but not until a spider almost killed Slydra! But with the help of Narcissa’s first aid, he lived to be poisoned another day.

Finally, they decided to kill the whining mushrooms. The mushrooms were so slow, that the battle wasn’t that bad. But the female mushrooms kept on whining and whining. Finally they were killed, but then a glowing appeared in the entryway… and in walks the lava form! Completely terrified, the party unleashes everything they can upon it. With the combined power of a cloud burst, some magic missiles, and an error, the lava form is defeated! Woot!

Unwilling to fight anything else they know about and knowing the lava form is defeated, the party went on to explore the second octagon. And, aside from secret doors to already explored areas, nothing exciting was found. A lot of loops. They did discover a pit. And past the pit was an fake door that attacked us, so nothing exciting. Finally they found a larger cavern with a river. Very tired, they returned to the second octagon room, barricaded themselves, and rested.

EDIT: Did I forget to mention that, whilst sleeping in Octagon 1, the rat man fell through the trap door and landed on the adventurers! Mendek was able to hold him down… that is, until he changed into a rat. But Slydra, a bit tired and cranky from a full day of adventuring, cast a web which fill a good portion of the Octagon and trapped him! However… after being stuck in the web for many hours, we found him suffocated. All of importance that was on him was a skin with invisibility potion and a book describing the Legend of Arik.


The_SCE_DM MichaelLugo

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