Frost Brand

A sword to smite evil


Lawful Good
Longsword: +3 ( +6 fire using/dwelling creatures)
Sheds light only when temperature is below 0 degree F

Acts as Ring of Fire Resistance
Immune to effects of normal fires
Very Hot (lava, wall of fire, demon) = 10hp/round
Exceptionally Hot (fireball, dragon breath) save +4, -2 per damage die

Can extinguish flames in 10’ radius with 50% chance (incl. wall of fire, excl fireball)

Purpose: Defeat/Slay Chaotic Evil
Special Purpose Power: Paralysis (Freeze) 1-4 rounds. Affects all creatures, even those normally immune to paralysis (Nat 20 = freezing death). Saving throw allowed.
Primary Abilities: Detect Evil 10’ radius
Extraordinary Power: Heal 1 time/day
Languages: LG, Thyatian
Ego: 27